Your brain loves fashion, it actually produces serotonin when we shop clothes we look good in and seretonin is a hormone that makes us feel great.

Fashion is just one among many expressions of  you. It most commonly is the first and the strongest to stay in the spectators memory. The first impression of how you look will be the meeting that sets the impression of who you are. You actually introduce yourself before saying your name through how you look. Few things herald a personality so well. Respect for oneself, self – awareness, and paying attention to how our appearance affects those around us are tools we should all be aware of. Did you ever feel the game changer in energy of a certain outfit? – yet the opposite in  how the wrong outfit can get you totally out of power and you simply feel no energy or strength  in the thing you need to accomplish, it can be a meeting, a date, a speach to hold etc.

So could we then be satisfied with the perfect wardrobe we built without ever changing it and feel power and energy time after time? The answer is no.

Your brain loves novelty and there is nothing as fluid in the world as the world of fashion. The colors, lights, textures and expressions. It is well documented that new experiences and environments have a dramatic effect upon the brain. We are here to serve you in how to feel and look as good as possible.