Whatever Jen does, we want to join…

With her shiny, California hair, her youthful and radiant appearance, Jennifer Aniston is the image of health.

When the 51-year-old actress recently revealed her skin care technique, we all sat and listened carefully to what the big secret was and where we can buy it to achieve the same miracle.

“8.00 in the morning I get up, if I work I get up 04.30-05.00 and if I am free I get up around 08.00-09.00. Usually I make a cup of hot water with lemon in it.

Then I wash my face with face wash and water to “wake up” myself, then I take one of my Aveeno creams with sun protection factor in.
It has to go fast and I do not spend too much time to be honest and when I have recording it goes even faster.

08.30, I usually do some form of meditation, usually 20 min but can also be 10 min sometimes if I do not have time for a full session. It is a fixed transcendental meditation mantra I do every time.

09.00 Breakfast. Usually a shake with pure protein, bananas, blueberries, frozen cherries, stevia, green vegetables like spinach, avocado etc, maca powder and some pure cocoa, collagen.

The collagen supplement has really shown results, my nails, my hair, my skin feel stronger and healthier. A kind of “glow” that comes from within.”

As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen and it is a protein that makes our bodies function. So the supplement is a much needed protein for us.

Jen insists that she does not use botox as she sees daily frightening results among Hollywood women who struggle to look young.

“I am grateful to have seen how wrong it often gets and feel that the collagen and the training give me a more natural result and I feel better about that, so no injections for me please.

If I do not take a shake, I make a toast with poached eggs and avocado, muesli with almond milk and bananas and in the winter I heat the milk.

09.30 I do some kind of workout. I have a trainer, a wonderful woman with whom I do “spin yoga”. We run spinning for 30 minutes and then yoga for 40 minutes. It’s quite intense. After that I go to the gym and run strength or I run other types of training. I believe in varied training so the body becomes “confused” and does not learn the routine of what it will be exposed to. Intevall training is really good, the body and the brain work well together and as soon as it becomes too monotonous, the brain signals to the body: I ​​know what is happening! That’s when you have to increase or decrease the pace, that’s when the body will work.”