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What it is: Nature’s own chill pill for skin that has lost its zen. An iconic 24/7 multi-tasker that saves dry spots, lips, and hands. We never leave home without it!

Why it’s special: If you pair the finest cold-pressed CBD with the most powerful active and botanical ingredients – what do you get? Answer: nature’s own procrastinator that will postpone dullness, fine lines, and loss of bounce. The Dream Mask is packed with organic CBD, bakuchiol (gentle vegan retinol), vitamin E, hyaluronic acids, niacinamide, and buckthorn extract. The product is natural, vegan, and made in Sweden.

For when you have: Dry skin. Tired-looking skin. Fine lines. Stressed, irritated and reactive skin. Redness. Acne-prone skin.

For when you want: Lustrous radiance. Added bounce & plumpness. Deep hydration. Even skin tone. Instant soothing. Strengthened skin barrier. More elasticity and firmer skin. Collagen boost.

Usage: Apply on face and neck after cleansing. The Dream Mask can be used every night or as a powerful booster a couple of times per week. For optimal effect, layer over The Glow Serum. Sweet dreams.

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